Dr. Pamela M. Scott is the oldest child of James and Lilla Taylor.   She and her two sisters, Patricia and Paula, grew up traveling with their Air Force parents.  Dr. Scott graduated from Bartlett High School, and earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Alaska, Anchorage, Alaska.

During her senior year of college she met Pastor Hermon Scott at the New Hope Baptist Church. They were subsequently married on December 22, 1979.  Dr. Scott worked as registered nurse for the next 22 years; faithfully serving her God, her husband and her children.

Her three children, Charity (Brandon), Chrystal, and Chris, and three grandchildren (Brandon,  Christen, and Maria) proudly stand as a testimony of her love and devotion to her family. 

After a long successful career in nursing, Dr. Scott entered the classroom as an elementary school teacher at Jordye Bacon Elementary School.  She is currently a Certified Nursing Assistant Instructor for the Liberty County Career Academy.   Dr. Scott holds an Educational Doctorate in Curriculum  Studies from Georgia Southern University.

Dr. Scott has had a life-long love for music and currently works with Baconton’s youth and the male choirs.  She is also a teacher for the women’s Sunday School Class, and she teaches beginners keyboard class for Baconton’s Elijah Project.